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“Hardy pushed the tough questions and had me thinking about things I hadn’t considered before. Great interview- great podcast.”

“I really enjoyed the thoughtful conversation with Hardy. He asked the right questions to help tell my investing stories.”

“This was my first time as a guest on a podcast. Hardy is an experienced and thoughtful host. He’s easy to talk to and fun to exchange ideas with; from business management, philanthropy to self-care, to truly being happy no matter how much or little material wealth one might acquire.”

“Hardy was such a great host and so easy to talk to, he’s literally iconic. This was my first podcast and it felt like I was just chatting and spilling tea with my best friend. Definitely would love to come back on his show again!”

“I had a great conversation with Hardy – he is fun and got me thinking about a lot of things around my career and life!”

“It was amazing chatting with Hardy about my endeavors and a lot of other meaningful things. Such a fun interview.”