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“Hardy has a heart of gold and a killer podcast that serves a massively-engaged audience. The positive feedback I received after my appearance was overwhelming.

“Hardy is the best interviewer I’ve seen in a long while.”

“Hardy is a master interviewer with a boyish charm. I love his positive attitude, mindset, and unique energy.”

“We have kindred spirits and it felt like we’ve known him for years! We loved the direction of the interview, as well as, the purpose of the podcast which is to inspire and impact others in a positive light. So glad to be a part of something so special!”

“Hardy was an awesome host who asked great questions. The vibe of his podcast is conducive to great storytelling and sets up an environment that feels fun and exploitative. I really enjoyed my chat with Hardy.”

“Hardy is a natural interviewer, curious and genuinely interested, not surprised he’s having success.”