Business, Branding, and Marketing Masterclass with Raoul Plickat

Raoul Plickat is a German entrepreneur, brand builder, and marketer. He is co-founder of CopeCart, a reseller who takes care of payments and automatic sending of invoices and tax handling. He started his entrepreneurial journey as a member of the Fellowship created by billionaire Peter Thiel. He then went on to work with Germany's most famous fashion designer Philipp Plein, Germany's most popular sales trainer Dirk Kreuter, and Germany's most popular self-improvement coach Christian Bischoff. He also worked with many German YouTubers including Karl Ess and Mischa Janiec.

While starting and scaling his businesses, he also became the 17th person winning the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club "X" Award by Russell Brunson, awarded for earning over $10 million dollars inside a ClickFunnels funnel.

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