How to Recognize a Psychopath with James Fallon

James H. "Jim" Fallon is a neuroscientist, professor of psychiatry and human behavior and emeritus professor of anatomy and neurobiology. He is the author of Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain.

He is a Sloan Scholar, Senior Fulbright Fellow, National Institutes of Health Career Awardee, and recipient of a range of honorary degrees, awards, and sits on several corporate boards and national think tanks for science, biotechnology, the arts, and the US military. He is a Subject Matter Expert in the field of "cognition and war" to the Pentagon's Joint Command.

He has appeared on numerous documentaries, radio, and TV shows. He appeared on the History Channel series on science and technology (Star Wars Tech, Spider-Man Tech), CNN, PBS, BBC, and ABC for his work on stem cells, growth factors, psychopathology, tissue engineering, smart prostheses, schizophrenia, and human and animal behavior and disease.

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