How To Create Your Own Successful Podcast with Chris Bannon

Chris Bannon is chief content officer at Midroll Media and Stitcher. He was formerly vice president of Content Development and Production at WNYC. Chris launched the popular Stitcher premium content service that now includes more than 15,000 hours of programming and has led development of many new Stitcher and Earwolf podcasts, including “Katie Couric,” “Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People,” “Stranglers,” “Bitch Sesh,” “LeVar Burton Reads,” “Dear Franklin Jones,” and “Heaven’s Gate.”

At WNYC, Chris served as program director and oversaw many of the most popular series, including “Studio 360,” “The Brian Lehrer Show” and “The Leonard Lopate show, among others. He earned three Peabody Awards. As WNYC vice president of content development, he led the teams that created “Freakonomics Radio,” “Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin” and “Death, Sex & Money.”

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